A day in the Life

Jacqui Mills

Performance and Customer Engagement Officer

J MillsI’ve worked within the Business Strategy Team for four years now as Policy & Performance Assistant, and more recently as a Performance and Customer Engagement Officer. My role varies, taking in performance management and tenant scrutiny. Each of these functions brings its own challenges and in spite of how the job title might sound; it is actually a really interesting job. My role requires a good understanding and knowledge of each service area within the Association which really suits my inquisitive nature and my need to know what is going on (happening)?

A typical day for me starts at just after 9am.  I usually check my emails and catch up on the latest housing news first as it is important to be aware of any updates or changes to our regulatory requirements.

May and June is a particularly busy time of year for me as this coincides with co-ordinating the Annual Return of the Charter (ARC) and Annual HouseMark submission as well as our quarterly and year end performance reports.

Our ARC submission must be signed off by Directors of Service and the Board of Management on or before the 31 May each year. The ARC captures the Association’s annual performance at letting properties, carrying out repairs and customer satisfaction with our services and much more housing and maintenance related information. I liaise with senior managers across the organisation to ensure we have our submission complete and approved on time. This is a regulatory requirement and every social housing landlord must report on their performance to the Housing Regulator annually. 

I also prepare our Quarterly performance reports for the Board of Management and Executive Management Team. This includes Key Performance Indicators, Performance Indicators and Customer Feedback Framework updates. There is a continual cycle of performance reporting and to keep on track, good organisational skills, time keeping and forward planning is needed.

For the last few years I have been developing our programme of tenant scrutiny. Tenant Scrutiny is about creating opportunities for QCHA staff and tenants to work in partnership to improve our services. It’s rewarding to know that tenants, who have given up their time to join the scrutiny panel, enjoy what they are doing and want to be seen to be making a difference in their neighbourhood. I’m never sure whether tenants are going to come back to another scrutiny meeting, so when I see the same people coming back each month or new members joining, it’s always reassuring.

My job also involves analysing tenant feedback through tenant satisfaction surveys, scrutiny meetings or estate inspections and exploring ways to bring about change. Part of this can often be ensuring that tenants have access to senior staff members to talk to them directly about issues that they’ve experienced with our services. I organise our six weekly scrutiny meetings and prepare the agenda and invite staff along to meet the panel. Some of our scrutiny panel have actively brought about change to our procedures.

Developing our programme of scrutiny whilst often challenging allows me to have face to face contact with our tenants and get their feedback to help us make improvements to service. I really enjoy getting the chance to spend time with our tenants and get to know them and hope that this will continue to develop. For the last few years I have been trying to promote opportunities for tenants to get involved in scrutiny and have built up a group of ten active members to our Residents Task Force. Our Resident Task Force are dedicated to making improvements in our neighbourhoods and I have been working alongside staff in our Technical and Housing Services Departments to try and facilitate the improvements or recommendations that our scrutiny panel (Resident Task Force) suggest.

I’m also working with the Resident Task Force and TIS to achieve TIS Scrutiny Accreditation this year. We are going for Bronze accreditation but watch this space as we plan to build on this in the future until we are Gold Standard!!