Residents Task Force

How can you get involved?

Join our Residents Task Force

Our Residents Task Force is open to any of our residents with an interest in tenant scrutiny. No specific skills are needed, just your experience of being a Queens Cross Housing Association tenant or service user. We currently have a group of 8 -10 tenants who meet regularly to review and discuss our services and look at ways we can make improvements.

Scrutiny is an increasingly popular way for housing association residents to get involved. It helps to ensure you receive high quality services that are relevant to your needs and demonstrate value for money.

Scrutiny adds an entirely new dimension to our decision making by monitoring our performance and examining and questioning the decisions taken by us. It investigates key issues and makes recommendations for improvements.

Our Residents Task Force have recently undertaken Scrutiny Approved Accreditation  with the Tenants Information Service and successfully gained the Silver Award. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please register with our Performance and Customer Engagement (Scrutiny) Officer on 0141 589 7414 or email

You can learn more about performance and the importance of getting involved by checking out the information provided in the Scottish Social Housing Charter leaflet below.

Scottish Social Housing Charter Leaflet