Great result for repairs

Tuesday 31 January 2017

We’re proud to report high satisfaction with our repairs service.

An independent tracker survey in October to December last year reported that 99.9% of tenants asked were satisfied with the overall repairs service.

This is a result of the efforts of our staff and contractor who all play their part in delivering a great service.

Some other statistics in the survey showed excellent satisfaction levels:

  • 91% of Tenants were satisfied with the helpfulness of staff when contacting the Association about a repair
  • 93% of Tenants were happy with the quality of the repair work carried out
  • 93% of tenants surveyed stated that their repairs were completed at the first visit
  • 96% of tenants stated that they were satisfied with the level of customer care they received from staff carrying out the work
  • 97% of tenants were satisfied with the attitude of the workers.