Fire safety

Fire Safety

To help keep your home safe from fire:

  • Fit a smoke alarm on each level of your home andtest it weekly.
  • Make sure smoke alarm batteries are changed annually (free service from Scottish Fire and Rescue, see p.2)
  • Don’t overload plug sockets.
  • Ensure that cigarettes are properly put out.
  • Familiarise yourself with kitchen fire procedures e.g. fires with oil or gas.
  • Plan an escape route.
  • Take care when using candles. Keep them away from flammable objects and don’t leave them unattended.
  • Don’t be tempted to clutter stairs and corridors of your home or building. If fire breaks out, they may be your only escape route.

Fire safety in multi-storey flats

The walls, stairs, corridors and doors between flats are specially designed to resist fire and stop the spread of smoke.

Roads and other areas have been designed so that emergency vehicles can get as near to the flats as possible. Once you’re outside, find a safe place to call the fire brigade.

Remember that you should never use lifts in the event of a fire.

What to do if a fire breaks out in your home

  • Alert any other people in your home.
  • Leave the room at once and close the door. Don’t
  • attempt to tackle the fire yourself.
  • Leave the building. When everyone is out, close the front door. Don’t use balconies unless they are part of an official escape route.
  • Call Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on 999.
  • If fire breaks out elsewhere in your building it may be safe for you to stay in your own flat. However if your home is affected by heat or smoke, leave at once closing windows and doors behind you.

Get a free fire safety visit

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service offer everyone in Scotland a free home fire safety visit. They can also fit a smoke alarm free of charge.

You can get in touch in a number of ways:

  • Visit
  • Freephone 0800 0731 999.
  • Call your local fire station (see overleaf).
  • Text “FIRE” to 80800 from your mobile phone.

Local fire stations

775 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, G20 7TL
Telephone: 0141 946 2223

91 Port Dundas Road, Glasgow, G4 0ES
Telephone: 0141 302 3111

200 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow, G3 8QS
Telephone: 0141 338 6400

Midton Street, Glasgow, G21 4RS
Telephone: 0141 558 2223