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Environmental Information Requests

Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 give the public the right to ask for environmental information.

Environmental information includes any records that we hold in written, visual, electronic or any other material form about:

  1. Environmental elements such as air, water, soil, land and landscape.
  2. Substances such as energy, noise, radiation or waste, emissions, discharges and other releases into the environment.
  3. Policies, plans, programmes, environmental agreements and any activities affecting or likely to affect the environment.
  4. Reports and analyses used in our policies, plans, programmes, agreements and other activities.
  5. Things that affect human life such as health and safety in relation to the food chain, floods, cultural sites and the built environment.

You can make a request for environmental information simply by contacting us. It does not need to be in writing.

We’ll reply to you in 20 working days.

We can charge a reasonable amount towards making environmental information available.

For more information about making an EIR request, you can check our policy and procedure.