Housing FAQs

Queens Cross Housing stock

This section of our website answers some of the common question we get asked as an Association about your tenancy and our properties.

If you  don't see the answer to your question below, you can contact us by phone on 0141 945 3003 or by email on contactus@qcha.org.uk


How do I pay my rent?

 There are several ways you can pay your rent – these are;

  • with your credit or debit card
  • through Allpay (online or by phone)
  • by standing order or cheque
  • at the Post Office or Paypoint.

For full details on each of these methods see our Paying your rent page.


How can I report a repair?

You can report a repair online using our repairs form or call our repairs number 0808 143 2002.

Please note that out with office hours this number should only be used for emergency repairs.


How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint online by completing our complaints form, email complaints@qcha.org.uk or call us on 0141 945 3003.

Find out more here.


How do I end my tenancy?

To end your tenancy you have to inform your Housing Officer that you wish to give up your tenancy. 

Your Housing Officer will complete a termination notice and, in line with your Tenancy Agreement which was signed at the beginning of your tenancy, there will be a 28 days’ notice period.


What can I do about anti-social behaviour?

If you experience anti-social behaviour you should report the incident to your Housing Officer/Housing Assistant who will in turn investigate the complaint and take necessary action.  Depending on the nature of complaint, you should also report a crime or noise pollution to the police.


How can I transfer to another property?

If you’d like transfer to another property, you should contact your Housing Officer or Housing Assistant. They’ll arrange an appointment for you to attend your local office to complete an application form.

When you’ve completed an application, a home visit appointment will be agreed to allow staff to carry out an inspection of your current property.

Please note that transfers are subject certain property condition standards. If the property doesn’t meet the standard expected, then transfers may be refused until the property is brought up to a suitable standard. This will be agreed at the property inspection visit.

Transfers may also be subject to clear rent accounts. So if you have rent arrears we can also refuse to consider your transfer until these have been cleared.