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Mutual Exchange & Transfers

Mutual Exchange

Tenants can exchange their home with another Queens Cross tenant or with a tenant of another housing association or local authority. 

We keep a register of tenants interested in mutual exchange.

If you’re a tenant, we can add you to our mutual exchange register. Please complete a registration form or download an application form.

You can see all the properties available for mutual exchange right now by clicking on the document link below.

Found another tenant willing to exchange with you?

When you have found another tenant you want to exchange with, both should complete a Mutual Exchange Application Form and send both forms together to our office. 

You can download copies of the Mutual Exchange Leaflet, Exchange Registration Form and Exchange Application Form here. Or ask us for a copy by giving us a call or sending an email.


If you’d like to transfer to another property, please visit where you can complete an online application form. The form will ask you to provide details about your household and your housing circumstances. We can then use this information to determine your housing needs and we will award a priority band to reflect this.  

If you need some help, please call us on 0808 143 2002 so that we can arrange an appointment with a member of staff who can help you to get started.  We can also arrange an interpreter if you need it. 

Once you have registered you can begin to view our property adverts and bid for any properties you are interested in.  Properties will be advertised on Find My Home from mid October.

Transfers will only be approved if you have kept your home in good condition and have paid your rent in full. Before any offer of housing is made we will visit you to check the condition of your property and to discuss any outstanding rent.