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23 August 2021

Find My Home coming Monday 13 September

The way we let our properties is changing on Monday 13 September. We are moving to an online lettings service called Find My Home. This will be a choice based lettings system where we will advertise all of our empty homes and applicants will be able to note their interest for the properties they would like to be considered for

The benefits of our new system are:

  1. Increased visibility – you can see what properties are available
  2. Increased choice – you choose what properties to apply for
  3. Increased flexibility – you can apply and make changes to your application online

Cedar flatsWhat will change?

The system is online, so you have the convenience of applying for housing and amending your application at a time that suits you. There will be no need to speak to a member of staff or come into the office to complete forms.

All properties for let will be advertised online on a weekly basis. Detailed information about the property, the location and the local amenities will be available to help you decide if the property is right for you. You'll be able to bid for as many properties as you wish, as long as they meet your housing needs.

Why do I need to complete a new application form?

We have improved our application process so we can gather all the necessary information to determine your housing needs. Our new application form will ask some questions that we haven’t asked before. Completing a new application form will mean that we have the correct information and everything is up-to-date.

How will you assess my housing needs?

Currently we award priority points. Under Find My Home this will change to priority banding. Depending on your housing circumstances you will be awarded either a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze banding. Houses will then be let to the applicant who has been in the banding for the longest time.

This system has been designed to be easier to understand and fair to all applicants.

I have been waiting a long time for housing – will I be starting from scratch if I complete a new housing application?

When you complete a new application form on Find My Home, you will keep your original application date so that you are not starting from scratch and the time you have already been registered with us is recognised. You'll be awarded a priority band based on your current circumstances. So, for example, if your housing situation has got worse (e.g. more overcrowded) then your priority may increase.

Is Find My Home easy to use?

Yes – if you are comfortable using online services then you will very quickly learn to use Find My Home. Easy to follow guidance notes will be available and our staff are also on hand to help if you get stuck.

Help is available

We'll provide advice and can complete your application form if you need help. We can offer you an appointment with a member of staff who can help you to get started on Find My Home.