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26 January 2024

Update for tenants - EcoPod panel

EcoPod panel – Issue with updating readings

We have been made aware of an issue with the EcoPod display panels at 10 Raglan Street, 40 Raglan Street and 91 North Woodside Road.

SSE, the utility company which provides the EcoPod interface have advised us that, due to a recent update to their control systems, there have been instances of the display panel freezing at some properties.

Please note that the system remains fully operational and the supply of your heating and hot water will remain uninterrupted. It is only the display which is affected.

Whilst SSE are working to resolve this as soon as possible, the impact this has in the meantime is that, whilst your available balance continues to reduce during periods of use, you will be unable to see what your available credit is.

We are able to provide up to date balance information via our customer information portal. If you would like to check this, please contact us at .

Until this matter has been rectified, we would strongly recommend that you continue to top-up as normal and be mindful of the length of time your available credit normally lasts.

To ensure that there are no major interruptions to customers’ heating and hot water supply, we have arranged for all properties at these blocks to be put onto override until Monday 29th January. This means that, even if you go below your emergency credit balance, you will continue to have heating and hot water.

If you do not want this facility, please get in touch at the above email address and we will have your property restored to normal supply.