Personal Independence Payments came into effect in June 2013. Working age claimants (between 16-64 years) can no longer make a new claim for Disability Living Allowance and must instead claim for Personal Independence payment (PIP).

 Claimants of PIP will now also need to meet prescribed conditions relating to residence and presence in Great Britain as well as an extended prospective test (i.e. how long your condition is likely to last for). A new PIP claim can be made by phone and basic information will be taken to start your claim. A personalised paper form called a ‘PIP2’ will then be sent to you to complete. Most people claiming PIP will have to have a medical assessment by a DWP medical practitioner before a final decision on your claim is made.

 PIP has 2 components, a mobility component and a daily living component. Both of these have 2 rates, the standard rate and the enhanced rate. The test for PIP is decided by referring to a schedule of activities and descriptors (a similar structure to that of ESA). Each descriptor has a set number of points and with each descriptor that applies to you, the points from that descriptor are added together. Your total amount of allocated points then determines whether you have enough to meet either the standard or enhanced rate of  PIP daily living or mobility component (if at all). It is expected that the majority of PIP awards will be for time limited periods only.

 Transfer of DLA claimants to PIP delayedCaption: Changes to PIP and DLA could affect you

 The Government recently announced a delay in the transfer of current DLA recipients to PIP. This means that in Glasgow, DLA claimants will not be reassessed for PIP until at least 2015 (unless they have one of the changes listed below).

 Children under 16 can still claim for DLA. At the moment there are no plans to change any DLA or Attendance Allowance awards for people over 65.

 Current regulations state that claimants under 65 on 08/04/13 will be asked to make a PIP claim if their:

  • existing DLA award is due to end
  •  claimant turns 16
  •  claimant reports a change in circumstances
  • claimant voluntarily makes a claim for PIP

 However, because of the delay in the transfer of DLA claimants to PIP, the Government has said that, for the short term at least:

  • young people in Scotland approaching 16 will not be transferred to PIP and will instead be sent DLA renewal forms
  • that people getting DLA in Scotland cannot at present voluntarily claim for PIP and
  • DLA claimants can still report a change in circumstances without automatically being assessed under the new PIP rules.

 A note of caution however: this situation may change at any time without further regulations being made – all the Government have to do is announce that they are going back to the originally planned regulations (as detailed above). You should therefore check what the current rules are about DLA and PIP before you make any changes to your DLA.