Planned repairs

As well as the repairs you report to us, we also have planned repairs which take place to our properties and neighbourhoods at scheduled dates. These are carried out by our Technical Services Department, and help us to make sure that our homes and areas are well maintained, both now and in the future. 

This can involve looking at the the cost of renewing of existing buildings, as well as looking at what we need in terms of building regulations, health and safety and legal requirements.

Planned repairs help us make sure that the properties we own and manage are:

  • in good condition
  • in the right location
  • designed to fit modern purpose
  • sustainable

The Asset Management department aims to manage investment to the value of £20m over the next 4 years. This will cover investment to not only achieve the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, but to exceed it.

The works below will be undertaken:

Framework name Elements included for renewal
Internal Property Works (IPW) Kitchen, Heating, Windows, Doors, Electrical System
Internal Common Works (ICW) Windows, Doors, Floor, Walls, Ceiling, Electrical System, Door Entry
External Common Works (ECW) Roof, Stonework, Gutters, Downpipes
Environmental Works (EW) Fencing, Walls, Paths, Landscaping
Woodside Works (WW) Heating / Ventilation / Fabric Repairs to deck access properties in Braid / Raglan/ St Georges/ North Woodside Road