Tenant responsibilities

 As a Queens Cross tenant you have responsibilities to us as your landlord. These are outlined in full detail in your tenancy agreement however a few key responsibilities are listed below. If you have any queries about these then please contact your housing officer who will be happy to discuss them:

You have a responsibility to:

  • pay your rent
  • report any repairs
  • notify us of any changes in circumstances that may affect your tenancy
  • not run any kind of business from your house.
  • allow your house to become overcrowded
  • get our written permission before keeping a domestic pet – please note that permission will not be given for keeping a dog in multi storey flats
  • put all household rubbish for collection in the bin store or other allocated place.

 Take reasonable care to prevent any damage to:

  • the property
  • decoration
  • furniture (if provided by us)
  • the fixtures and fittings
  • the common parts
  • your neighbour’s property.

 Not act in an anti social manner to any person in your neighbourhood i.e.

  • make excessive noise
  • fail to control your pets properly
  • use motorised vehicles on public footpaths, pavements or backcourts
  • allow visitors to your house to be noisy and disruptive
  • allow your property to be used for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • vandalise or damage our property or any part of the common parts or neighbourhood
  • leave rubbish in unauthorised places
  • allow your children to cause nuisance or annoyance to other people.
  • harass or assault any person in the house, or neighbourhood for whatever reason
  • use or carry offensive weapons
  • sell alcohol or deal in controlled drugs.