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The categories for this year's Pride of Queens Cross Awards are:

  1. Outstanding Service to the Community (community and staff) 
    For individuals
    For individuals who provide an exceptional contribution to the community. They are a role model for compassion, and service and are striving to make the world a better place. 
  2. Customer First (community and staff)
    For individuals and groups
    This award is for people who put customers first in everything they do. They are dedicated to providing the best possible service, always putting people at the heart of their work or volunteering.
  3. Leadership (community and staff)
    For individuals
    The Leadership award is for people who are role models. They’re the people who show us all how to deliver for the people and communities of Queens Cross.

    Man cheering
  4. Working Together for Better Neighbourhoods (community and staff)
    For groups 
    This award is for a group or team of people who inspire and create positive change in our neighbourhoods through co-operation, collaboration and open communication.
  5. Environmental Champion (community and staff)
    For individuals and groups
    For those who have improved the community, whether by introducing a more environmentally aware approach to what they do or creating a green space in the community.
  6. Health and Wellbeing Contributor (community and staff)
    For individuals and groups
    We’re looking for people with a passion for health and wellbeing and have put their ideas into action. They will have worked on or volunteered at a project that improves people’s lives, supporting others to make positive health and wellbeing choices.
  7. Young People's Outstanding Contribution to the Community (community and staff) 
    For individuals and groups
    For a young person or group of young people aged 25 or younger who have excelled in what they do. They may show commitment to learning and education in difficult circumstances, care for or support family or friends or have achieved a charity fundraising goal.

    Young people
  8. Outstanding Partner
    For local partners 
    This award is for local partners, such as charities and businesses, who have worked to bring positive change and make a difference to local people and the community.
  9. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champions (community and staff)
    For individuals and groups
    We’re looking for people who are champions for equality, diversity and inclusion.
    They may demonstrate, through words and actions, a dedication to being inclusive and welcoming everyone to Queens Cross.
  10. Outstanding Local Business
    For local businesses
    This award seeks to recognise and celebrate our local business community. The company will have demonstrated commitment to growing their business with the Queens Cross community in mind.
  11. Good Neighbour Award
    For Individuals
    This award recognises people who go out of their way to help their neighbours and
    friends. They show care, compassion and commitment, whether online or in person. 

You've read the categories, now it's time to nominate! Choose a category to nominate someone and complete your entry form here