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Gala DayOur Community Involvement Groups (CIGs) are groups local people who work with us to make sure the views of our tenants and residents are heard. They are at the heart of shaping our communities.

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If you're interested in hearing more about the Community Involvement Groups, contact Audrey Murphy, Customer Service Manager on email address  or call 0808 143 2002.

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Hugh McCann"I knew this was a place that people really took pride in. So I thought, I’d like to do my bit too."

Dundasvale resident Hugh McCann has been a member of his local Community Involvement Group since January 2014. Here he tells us why he joined, and what he’d say to others who might like to join too.

Before I became a Queens Cross tenant, I’d been living in a private let in the city centre. When I lived there, there was no sense of community. My landlord lived miles away so I barely saw him. There had been a private residents’ committee for the properties at one point, but I think it was disbanded. If it was still going, I’d never met anyone from it or been told how I could join. You were quite isolated really.

Community pride

Then, in September 2013, I got an Association flat in Dundasvale neighbourhood. I was new to the area, and what immediately struck me about the place was that it felt like a real community. When I looked out of my window and saw the community garden and the bowling green, I knew this was somewhere people really took pride in. So I thought I’d like to do my bit too.

Friendly and inviting

I saw a poster in the foyer of my block advertising the Community Involvement Group so I asked my housing officer about it. I then went along to one of the meetings, just as an observer, to get an idea of how things worked and what the group was all about. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting, so I signed up to become a member.

A chance to chat

We hold a meeting just once a month, for around 1 hour and 15 minutes. We don’t do any writing or admin, the Neighbourhood Housing Manager takes care of that. It’s a chance to air concerns and ideas, and to find out what’s going on – either from the Association on things like refurbishments, or from other organisations like the police and Glasgow City Council on anything else upcoming. It’s also just a chance to chat to neighbours, with a cup of tea.

The power to help yourself and others

I’ve been part of the group for almost two years now and we’ve contributed so much – pushing for improvements in paving and lighting, organising Christmas events.

But for me, the rewards haven’t just been environmental. It’s also given me a chance to improve myself. I’ve built better relationships with those around me, learned about how meetings are structured, and met so many people.

Above all the group has given me a real sense of community where I live. There’s a sense that you’re part of something structured, there’s accountability, and that you’ve got the power to help yourself and others. It’s a world away from the isolated living of a private let.

My advice

If you’re interested, come along to a meeting and see what we’re all about. Aside from the short monthly meeting, it’s nothing you wouldn’t normally be doing as a decent member of the community - chatting to neighbours and taking pride in your area. That’s the heart of what we do.