Growing Spaces

Growing spaces

Our community gardens are green havens in our city neighbourhoods. This year our gardens won awards from Keep Scotland Beautiful. 

Our three gardens - Woodside, Dundasvale & Westercommon - are run by and for local people, with support from our Social Regeneration team.

Our growers can garden at their own pace, or learn about green-fingered activities at pop-up workshops, including growing your own fruit and vegetables, and gardening for different seasons.

There are also opportunities to learn related skills such as woodwork, or simply sit and enjoy being outdoors with a cup of tea and someone to chat to.

Growing Spaces also work with our youth groups at the Woodside Kids' Outdoors Club.



Recent trips include Mugdock Park and a nature wildlife trail at the Hamiltonhill Claypits - all for free!





Caption: Sharon Brook

Grower Spotlight

Grower’s name: Sharon Brook

Garden: The Courtyard community garden

How long have you been involved in the garden?

8 months – a whole growing season!

What have you grown?

Peas, carrots, cabbage, sprouts and broccoli - and we have a herb patch.

What’s the best thing about being a community garden grower?

Working with the group and just spending time at work in the garden.

What’s been the most challenging aspect?

Trying to grow peas when there wasn’t any sun last year!

What would you say to someone who was interested in getting involved?

It’s fun and welcoming for people. If you don’t know much about gardening it’s ok – you’ll get help.

The Courtyard Growers meet every Thursday, 10am – 12 noon for group gardening sessions.

To find out more, contact Social Regeneration on:

Tel: 0808 143 2002