Local Connections

Historical ConnectionsDid you know that we have five internet hubs in every neighbourhood? The hubs are open to everyone and are completely free to use.

For tenants like Peter, who’s currently looking for work, use of the internet hub at our main office at 45 Firhill Road has been invaluable:

“I usually come here five days a week. The office is close to home, so it’s convenient.

“I used to go to the library, but you have to book ahead, and there tends to be a lot of noise.

“I’m looking for a job in social care at the moment and most of the application forms take around two and half hours to complete. In the library you only get two hours on a PC which makes completing an application difficult.”

Historical ConnectionsAs well as the equipment and atmosphere the hubs provide, tenants also benefit from on-site IT advice from our digital inclusion staff who run a series drop-in sessions as well as more structured digital learning courses. For Peter, the specialised advice has made a difference:

“My computer skills are okay, but there are still certain things I’m unsure of, like printing out emails.

“I feel comfortable asking the staff if I’m unsure. They’ve really been a great help.”

Help applying with benefits and work

We’ve also partnered the project with our Financial Inclusion Service. So if you’re struggling to get to grips with online systems, such as Universal Credit or Universal Job Match, one of our drop-in sessions or courses can give you tailored guidance on applying for benefits online.

Silver surfers

We have started offering free WiFi in the communal areas of all our Sheltered Housing Complexes. We will soon be running monthly drop in sessions in the complexes to help you get online and feel more confident about using your laptop, tablet or phone.

Why get connected?

Whether it’s keeping in touch with relatives, shopping, looking for work, or just keeping up to date with the news, people of all ages have been discovering a world of opportunities at the click of a mouse with our computing classes.

From complete beginners to those who’d like to brush up their skills, you can take part in a variety of computer classes in our communities. 

 If you're interested in finding out what Local Connections can do for you, contact us on 0808 143 2002 or contactus@qcha.org.uk. 

We've also signed the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation's Digital Participation Charter outlining our commitment to getting people online. 

This charter establishes a framework for organisations in Scotland to support the Digital Participation Programme and to pursue our shared ambition.

Signatories to the Charter commit to working together in a spirit of partnership to promote digital participation in Scotland.