Stag Groups

Men’s Stag Group transforms lives

Due to the success of the first men’s Stag Group, the Association has secured a Transformation Fund grant to roll out this model to all of its four neighbourhoods.

The Stag Group encourages older men to make new friends, feel empowered and part of their local community.

Caption: Members of the Stag GroupIt was set up specifically for older men, over 60, who can sometimes be isolated and under-represented in other community activities.






“The Stag Group changes lives."

 “This is the only group of its kind run for men in the local area and I’m delighted that we’ll be able to reach more people through this additional funding.”

Drop in to join in

We have three Stag Groups at the moment, all of which are completely free to join. They’re open to anyone as long as you’re male,  living in the Queens Cross area and aged 60 years or over.

So why not spend a couple of hours enjoying some new activities whilst having a laugh and a good chat with some friends, old and new.

No need to book, just come along and see what it’s all about!

Members have facilities to play darts, dominoes, pool and cards. They enjoy tea or coffee, a place to get together for a chat or for a games afternoon.

Meetings are held to discuss ideas for new activities and day trips or organised events.

The Stag Group has seen members develop new friendships who now regularly meet up outwith the Thursday group.

Stag Group Times






Dundasvale Residents Hall



Westercommon Courtyard



Cromwell Complex


To find out more, please contact us on 0808 143 2002 or for details.