How to donate

The Garscube Community Foundation continues to work to raise funds for projects serving the needs of the local community.

Donations from local people and the surrounding areas of Glasgow have also contributed to the ongoing fundraising efforts of the Foundation.

You can support this local charity as an individual or as a group.

The activities of the Garscube Community Foundation includes seeking sponsorships and corporate and community fundraising.   

You can support the Garscube Community Foundation in a variety of ways:

  • one off donations
  • gain tax relief by donating on a regular basis via Gift Aid
  • organise a charity fundraiser
  • encourage friends and family to support the Foundation
  • encourage local businesses to provide sponsorship and donation.

You could give a donation through Gift Aid.
You can download a copy of the Garscube Community Foundation Gift Aid Declaration Form here:

Garscube Community Foundation, Gift Aid declaration form