Community Chest grants top £20,000

The Community Chest fund. Our Community Chest fund has helped dozens more tenants with the amount awarded to claimants passing £20,000.

The fund, set up in January 2018, has so far helped 276 young people aged 25 and under afford essentials such as educational trips and clothes for interviews.

The awards of up to £150 cover costs for activities like music lessons, dance classes as well as sports equipment to help young people fulfil their potential.

Research carried out by the association in 2017 highlighted that only 48% of households had sufficient monthly income to cover their monthly living costs.

Social regeneration manager Jamie Ballantine said: ‘Over 2,400 households responded to our research, which highlighted that a large number of families could not afford shoes and clothes for their children and many more could not afford to pay for hobbies, activities and school trips.

This fund has and can have a positive impact on the life experiences of children and young people who might not otherwise afford it.’

The fund will continue to support young people in 2019.

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