Our Values

Proud to be Queens Cross

Our Vision

Excellent housing in vibrant communities.


Our Values


We see the positive in everyone, especially our tenants. We treat everyone fairly, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality or background. We ask for opinions even if we know we might not like what we hear. And we address people's concerns in any way we realistically can. 


What we say in public is the same as what we say behind the scenes. If we say we'll do something we mean it. Our tenants can count on us to solve their problems and make sound decisions.


We want the best for all our current and future tenants. We're not afraid to strive for things that won't be easy - or try things that haven;t been done before. We seek out opportunities and welcome change. If it doesn't turn out as planned we learn and improve. 

And then we try again.

Strategic Objectives