Membership of the Association

You can join the Association for a one-off cost of only £1. Application forms are available from any of the Association’s offices or can be downloaded here.

Anyone who lives in our area of operation can become a member. Organisations can also become members, and don't need to be based in our area of operation. Members can vote or stand for election to the Association’s Board at our AGM.

Local people are at the heart of everything. We welcome membership from anyone who's interested in joining our Board or Community Involvement Groups.

You can find out more about the role of a governing body member here on our website or contact Fiona Smith, Executive Office Manager, by email at  or by telephone 0141 589 7400 (you can leave a message outwith office hours).    


Your completed Membership Form should be sent to,

Governance Dept
Queens Cross Housing Association
45 Firhill Road
G20 7BE