Garscube Community Foundation

Welcome to the Garscube Community Foundation

The Garscube Community Foundation (GCF) is a charity. It was established in 2004 and operates in the Queens Cross area of Glasgow.

Caption: Garscube Community Foundation supported the Employability Project to help 30 young people on the steps to employment.We aim to support local community projects, voluntary organisations who provide services for those who are disadvantaged or have particular needs. 

The Foundation also funds individuals through seeking sponsorship and corporate and community fundraising.  

GCF’s main activity focuses on fundraising support for community projects, voluntary organisations and individuals in the Queens Cross area of Glasgow, working to provide services for those who are disadvantaged and have particular needs. 

The Foundation is unique in that it is locally based and takes account of local situations and aims to respond appropriately. 

Criteria have been set by the Board of Trustees focusing on the needs of local people which include a wide range of charitable activities.

Our Committee

The Garscube Community Foundation committee is made up entirely of local people. The ethos behind the Foundation is to work towards the relief of poverty and towards the elimination of discrimination.

Committee members are:

  • Emily Devers
  • Bridget McGeechan
  • Sadie Gordon
  • Derek Iggo
  • Helen McLellan

Our Patron - actor, Libby McArthur

Caption: The Foundation's patron, Libby McArthur, launches the annual Gala Day celebrations.The Foundation Board are delighted to have Glasgow-born actor Libby McArthur as our Patron.  Libby is one of the best known faces in Scottish acting and stars as Gina Rossie in BBC drama, River City.

Libby has a keen interest in people and has, over a number of years, made valuable contributions to communities by working with groups and individuals on personal development programmes and associated workshops. 

Although Libby has a busy schedule between her acting and general charity work,  she is very interested in the work of the Foundation and will do whatever she can to support us.