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30 November 2023

Rent consultation for April 2024

We’re taking a different approach to this year’s rent consultation. 

We know that many people in our communities are struggling with higher prices for food, energy and general living costs. Some will be making difficult choices between buying food and heating their home.

Best Companies (2)The Association aims to keep rents affordable, particularly for tenants who don’t get help with their rent. Given this, we feel it’s important that rents are increased only by the smallest amount needed to maintain services and keep homes in good condition.

Our proposal this year is to invite your comments on an increase of 5% for 2024/25.

Like every other business, we review our costs every year. Rising prices are affecting all of our service costs and it continues to be very challenging to provide tenants with good quality services and to maintain high levels of investment in properties and homes.

The annual rent increase starts on 1 April every year with September’s rate of inflation (CPIH) used as our guide. This year, the rate of inflation in September 2023 is 6.3% (CPIH September 2023).

However, as already said, we know the cost of living crisis of the past few years has made life difficult for a lot of people. For all of these reasons, Board members have agreed that we will invite comments from tenants on a single option rent increase for 2024/25.

Your views are very important to them and they’d be grateful if you’d take part in this year’s rent consultation. You can have your say in several ways: 

  1. Complete the paper survey we've posted out to you and return it to us.
  2. Complete the online survey here
  3. Call us on 0808 143 2002 to speak to your Housing Officer
  4. Email us at with the heading 'Rent Consultation' 

All returned forms will be entered into a free prize draw:

  • 1st name drawn: £100 shopping voucher
  • 2nd name drawn: £50 shopping voucher
  • 3rd name drawn: £25 shopping voucher

Our rent consultation will run from Friday 1 December to Friday 5 January 2024. You can read more about our consultation here.