A new future for Hamiltonhill

The Association has completed its masterplanning exercise for the re-development of Hamiltonhill, and this masterplan was considered by the Neighbourhood, Housing & Public Realm Policy Committee of the City Council in April 2018.  With this high-level endorsement, the masterplan is now a ‘material consideration’ in respect of any Planning applications submitted in the area.

Planning Process

Following discussions with the Planning Department, the Association is now working on an application to the Council for Planning Permission in Principle over the full area, based on the masterplan proposals.  As part of the formal approval process, this Planning application requires the proposals to be open for further full consultation with the community.

We have carried out consultation events in late June and early July to receive more comments based on the presentation Boards as shown in the links below.

  1. Analysis
  2. Development Framework
  3. Masterplan Proposals
  4. Parks and Open Spaces
  5. Design Development
  6. Next Steps

Outline Proposals

The outline proposals shown in the link and in the final Masterplan have been developed from those shown at the information events in response to comments and suggestions received from the public, in particular with more family housing now provided around the ‘Community Park’, re-named to reflect its intended use.  There are additional houses planned in the north of the area, to replace those lost with more blocks of flats now being located at the Westercommon school site.  We have also revised the blocks of flats overlooking the Applecross basin and indicated that at least 3 retail/community units could be provided here. 

The indicative park layouts have not been changed at this time, but these will be developed in the next stage in a detailed community-led design process, in light of the desire expressed in the ‘Our Hammyhill’ consultation document.

New Housing

The outline proposals now show 626 new homes, with a mixture of medium-rise flats and cottage flats providing homes for smaller households, and terraced housing providing for larger families.  We are planning that about 300 units will be available for private sale, with the remainder as affordable housing.  A small number of units will be built specifically for older people and those with particular needs.  All the new homes will be highly energy-efficient within an attractive eco-environment as the new development will also redesign the existing streets to increase pedestrian use and allow for a sustainable drainage system, ultimately connected to the Canal.

Drainage Works

The Association has worked closely with Scottish Canals on the design of the innovative surface water drainage system, which has to connect to the Canal through the Clay-pits park.  This work is planned to be on site in 2018, and we’ve been able to gain recent approval for grant funding from the Scottish Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund to meet the cost of the works. 

Future Timescales

Given the complexity and scale of the development, the construction of housing is not likely to start until late 2019.

Over the next few months we will be busy developing detailed designs for all the proposed new homes and the environmental improvements, applying for and achieving all planning approvals and other necessary consents, and selecting a Contractor to undertake the works.

The Association and the City Council are working together to agree a land assembly agreement, as both bodies own the sites involved in the proposals, which will allow the development of private housing for sale as well as social housing in the area.

Further Information

Any further information can be sought by contacting:
Niall McKinnon, Head of Development or Alex Grassie, Development Manager
on 0141 945 3003 or via the ‘Contact Us’ facility on the website.

We would also be grateful to receive any comments on the proposals on the form below.

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