Edinburgh Castle Day Out

Thursday 5 October 2017

18. Edinburgh Castle pic 1Over 40 residents from the Chinese community in Woodside visited Edinburgh recently as a chance to learn more about Scotland’s heritage and encourage cultural integration within the area.

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government and supported by Queens Cross staff, 13 families enjoyed a tour of Edinburgh Castle provided by Shawn Zhou from our own Social Regeneration Team.

It was a way to encourage tenants from black and minority ethnic communities to explore beyond their usual boundaries, use public transport and learn a little more about Scottish history and culture.

The trip in August took place during the Edinburgh Fringe, which allowed the visitors to enjoy the buzz of street theatre and crowded streets as they made their way up the Royal Mile towards the Castle.

Linda Chan, who travelled with her 9 year old daughter, welcomed the trip.

She said: “Because of my family situation and busy working schedule, I normally have no time to accompany my daughter to go on a trip or explore more places beyond our surrounding areas.

“Thanks to the great efforts made by QCHA, we had this chance to try the trains between cities and we all enjoyed this collective community trip organised by the housing association.”