Queens Cross reassures its EU tenants over Brexit

Monday 25 March 2019

Immigration lawyer Mark Lazarowicz gave advice at the event at the Courtyard, Westercommon.Around 25 of our European Union born tenants turned up at a session to explain the legalities of their post Brexit status.

Immigration legal expert Mark Lazarowicz from Drummond Miller LLP was on hand to explain details of how the new ‘settled status’ designation would work.

Tenant Justyna Gogolin from Westercommon said she found the session very useful.

‘I didn’t even know about the existence of settled status before today so this has been helpful. I have only looked at taking on UK citizenship but that was going to be too expensive,’ she said.

More information for EU nationals living in Scotland can be found on the Scottish Government’s website

Or ask your housing officer for copies of our Settled Status leaflets.