Queens Cross gets first class rating for improving mental health

Wednesday 23 October 2019

The association has been awarded the Care Inspectorate’s top rating for their work in helping to improve residents’ mental health. Queens Cross Housing Association has been awarded the Care Inspectorate’s top rating for their work in helping to improve residents’ mental health. 

The Inspectorate has graded our Queens Cross Wellbeing For Good Mental Health service, which supports both tenants and non-tenants to help them maintain good mental health, as ‘excellent’. 

The Inspectorate was particularly impressed by the feedback received from service users. 

‘People experiencing care told us that staff were excellent at providing care and support at a pace and level that suited their personal needs. The skills and knowledge of staff and their rapport promoted trust and positive relationships which helped develop excellent outcomes for people,’ they said in their report.

Previously known as Queens Cross East, the service offers support with budgeting and shopping, form filling and benefits, help with accessing training and further education and assistance with personal care. It also helps reduce social isolation through a variety of activities such as cooking, sewing and art classes. Each individual has their own care plan designed around their own individual needs.

It currently works with 29 individuals with one service user saying of their experience of the project.

‘Before I received this support my life was crashing down around me but thanks to this service I have the privilege of better structured life.’ 

With another commenting.

‘The care and support from the staff is of a very high standard. They treat me with respect and compassion and go above and beyond what is agreed.’ 

Chief executive, Shona Stephen said:

‘Queens Cross prides itself as a neighbourhood that really cares for everyone living here.

‘We see ourselves as much more than just a housing provider; we are a key community partner for everyone living in the area. To gain such recognition from the inspectorate is a reinforcement for us that our social support services are just as vital a resource as our housing for local residents.’ 

The full Queens Cross Care Inspectorate report can be read online