Protect yourself from Covid-19 scams

Thursday 30 April 2020

Protect yourself and others from Covid 19 scams   imageThere’s so much goodwill and support being offered to people who need a bit of help right now. But, sadly, not everyone has good intentions.

Make sure you know who is offering help at the door, online or on the phone.

Our Covid-19 booklet, Protect yourself and others from Covid-19 scams, will help you know what to do if you’re offered help about Covid-19 that you’re not expecting or from someone you don’t know. And where to get help if you need it.

And remember, if it's someone you don't know or you're not expecting:

  • Don’t part with cash or your bank details under any circumstances
  • Don’t let them inside your home without checking their credentials or ID first
  • Check their identity using official telephone numbers.

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