North West Partners

Friday 21 April 2017

New partnership with Maryhill neighbours

We've launched North West Partners (NWP), a strategic partnership with Maryhill Housing.Left to Right: Shona Stephen, Chief Executive, Queens Cross Housing Association; Roger Popplewell, Chair, Maryhill Housing; Marilyn Clewes, Chair, Queens Cross Housing Association; Bryony Willett, Chief Executive, Maryhill Housing.

Responsible for more than 7,300 homes in north west Glasgow, NWP will pool staff resources to provide value for money regeneration services.

The first phase of the project will focus on development services with staff from each association working together under the North West Partners banner to develop sites for much-needed new homes in the north west of the city.

Marilyn Clewes, Chair of Queens Cross Housing Association, said:

“In times when funding is limited but the demand for affordable housing and great neighbourhoods is extremely high we need to be flexible and innovative in the way we work. 

“Taking a partnership approach is one way in which we can provide value for money but also ensure we’re at the heart of bringing investment and regeneration to our communities.”

Roger Popplewell, Chair of Maryhill Housing, praised the opportunity for both housing associations to work together to benefit the local community.

Roger said: “The creation of the North West Partners development hub offers an important opportunity for two housing providers to work together delivering high quality homes.

“There is no doubt that building 600 homes over five years is an ambitious but achievable objective which will directly benefit our communities.

“Queens Cross and Maryhill Housing have worked together before - notably in tackling poverty - and in doing so have upheld the admirable values of the housing association movement. 

“Coming together in the development hub continues this approach and is a positive step forward in making our areas great places to be.”

Lesley Fraser, the Scottish Government’s Director for Housing & Social Justice, welcomed the move:

 “Housing is a top priority for the Scottish Government so it’s great to see this collaboration taking shape. 

“Through sharing experiences and learning lessons for the mutual benefit of communities in the north west of Glasgow, North West Partners’ joint approach to providing development services should pay dividends. 

“Over the coming months I look forward to hearing more about its benefits, and about plans for sharing the outcome with others.”

Patrick Flynn, Head of Housing and Regeneration at Glasgow City Council, said: “In a time of great challenge for funding public services, new approaches such as this type of partnership working can achieve great results.  We look forward to the success of this model.”

Should it go well, the two associations may look to share more of their services or offer their expertise to other social housing landlords.

It’s also hoped the collaborative model will provide new ways of working for housing associations.