Save a life for Scotland

Thursday 4 May 2017


We recognise  that communities with equipment and basic life saving skills can help save lives  and for   every minute that passes without resuscitation  the chances of survival decrease by 10% . We are investing in 8 defibrillators  to be located in our 4 neighbourhoods and have committed to sign up 100 people to learn CPR skills.


Please come and join Queens Cross staff and  members  of  our local community at the Courtyard, 2 Westercommon Drive  on Wednesday 10 May to meet representatives from Scottish Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Services  to hear about their initiatives to increase community resilience  and to learn basic life saving skills /  sign up for training if you are interested .There will be CPR demonstrations  and further information available at the event .



Find out more about the initiative  at