600 homes new top priority

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Choose to work here, choose to live here - Lord Provost, Eva Bolander, joined us for the launch of our business plan 2017-2020.Building more than 600 new affordable homes for rent is a top priority for Queens Cross Housing Association over the next three years. 

Queens Cross outlined a range of ambitious plans to improve the lives of people living in their north Glasgow neighbourhoods at the launch of their new Business Plan 2020.

The association has grown from managing six flats forty years ago, to today looking after 4300 across north west of the city.

‘We have been at the heart of the transformation of this area of the city over the past four decades and continue to look at innovative ways of making our tenants lives better,’ said Queens Cross chair, Marilyn Clewes.

‘Queens Cross is now one of the fastest growing populations in the city as the area becomes an increasingly popular quarter. Our Business Plan over the next three years outlines how we are going to manage the demands for housing and housing services from all sectors of our diverse community as it grows.

‘We are striving to make Queens Cross a place everyone can feel at home. By working closely with tenants on developing this three year strategy we can ensure it meets their needs to create vibrant neighbourhoods, places people want to live, where they want to work, raise their families and grow old.’

New housing, upgrading existing stock and continued improvement of common space and services, while continuing to improve and focus on greater tenant participation are all central to the plan.

Specifically Queens Cross will focus on:

  • Construction of 600 new homes to be built in Hamiltonhill on brownfield canal-side land behind Firhill
  • Build a new older persons’ development in Burnbank Gardens,
  • Invest in a new support centre for young homeless people.
  • More investment in refurbishing multi-storeys into high-quality, desirable properties.
  • Continue to improve support for older tenants to help them live independently for as long as possible
  • Keep rents affordable
  • Continue to work towards reducing poverty and improving health of tenants

Chief executive of Queens Cross, Shona Stephen said:

‘In the 21st century housing associations need to be more than just housing providers, we are a key community partner involved in helping some of the most vulnerable people in the city improve their lives.

‘Our tenants continue to face challenges around health and poverty and we will work with them to address these with initiatives like our community garden and money advice service.

‘The canal side development opportunities that we have represent a one off chance to build bigger and better communities in this area that people can be proud to call home. Along with our partners in Glasgow City Council we are determined not to let this opportunity slip by.

‘Our aims for 2020 are simple, improving the quality of lives for people who live in Queens Cross.'

Three year business plan setting out our vision, values and aims for 2017-2020Request a copy of the business plan by calling us on 0808 143 2002, emailing or click here for the online version