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Phase 1 of housebuilding is underway in the area bounded by Bardowie Street, Carbeth Street, Stonyhurst Street and Hobart Street.  

This phase will provide over 200 properties for rent and private sale, with a range of designs including tenement flats, cottage flats and larger family houses.  Forty-eight of the association’s flats will be specifically designed to meet the needs of our older tenants.  The table below shows the type and number of flasts the association will be providing for rent through phase 1.

Phase 1 - Table of Housing Provision

Phase 1 will take 3-4 years to complete, with the first flats being available from late 2024. The first phase will be fully complete in 2026.

The contractor, Urban Union, have been involved in a number of initiatives that benefit the local community. See what the've been up to here: Hamiltonhill Community Benefits Newsletter

The 30 homes for sale will be provided by Urban Union. For further information on private home sales get in touch with Urban Union on 0141 530 4000 or email

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