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Parks & Open Spaces

As part of the Hamiltonhill development the Association will create five new parks and open spaces, undergo a greening of the neighbourhood and create an integrated SUDS network linking to the Canal.

You can see more information here on the Canal improvements from Scottish Canals.

The open spaces are part of a project that the Association is working on with NatureScot and other partner organisations to deliver green infrastructure projects that will provide many benefits for local communities, helping to unlock economic potential and creating better places to live and work in. The project is part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The open spaces will facilitate community events, exercise and recreation in a natural environment. The SUDS network will improve flood prevention, climate change adaptation capacity and reduce demands on the combined sewer network to facilitate the construction of new homes. The neighbourhood greening will contribute to Queens Cross’ vision of “Providing excellent housing in vibrant communities”. 

Together these elements will promote a sense of place in Hamiltonhill, whilst improving resident’s health & wellbeing and biodiversity of flora & fauna.

The five new open spaces are designed to provide for various types of use;

  1. Community Park – A large community focused activity area, incorporating a tiered design to create a multi-function park. This will be located at the old school site on Stonyhurst Street.
  2. Play Park – A large park aimed at children and active play, incorporating a mixed use sports pitch. This will be located at the same location of the existing park at Appleby Street.
  3. Link Space - A smaller, connecting location between the Play Park and the Tranquil Space. This will incorporate SUDS infrastructure with the promotion of biodiversity. This will be located at Eltham Street.
  4. Tranquil Space – A quieter, more tranquil space which incorporating SUDS infrastructure into a green open space to promote relaxation and connections between the community. This will be located at the open courtyard between Caldarvan Street and Cleghorn Street.
  5. Community Garden – A small, community focused garden situated at the northern edge of the site next to the Bardowie Street Hall. The Community Garden is a project we have undertaken in partnership with the Clay Community Church who are based in the Bardowie Street Hall. Once the garden is constructed, it will be maintained for public use by the Clay Community Church.

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