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Link and tranquil spaces

As part of the Hamiltonhill parks and open spaces project the association will install a network of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS).

These systems incorporate green open spaces that people can enjoy while providing practical infrastructure designed to withstand a 1-in-200 year flood event. This is particularly important in Glasgow, which the World Health Organisation predicts will see a 42% increase in rainfall during October-March by 2050. By building the SuDS network Hamiltonhill is not only unlocked for regeneration, but also helps prevent flooding as far downstream as Queen Street Station.

The most obvious example of the SuDS to be installed is the link space and tranquil space basins. Work is nearing completion. Some areas will be temporarily fenced off to allow the new plants time to establish, please be patient and give them time to grow. 

Link space

The link space is one of the smaller open spaces to be created at Hamiltonhill. It is being created along Eltham Street and acts as connecting location between the play park and the tranquil Space.

The Link Space will incorporate SUDS infrastructure with the promotion of 0509

Tranquil space

The tranquil space is a quieter, more secluded space to be created by Cleghorn Street. The housing to be constructed around the tranquil space will be designed for older people and this will create a quieter, more relaxed opportunity to engage with nature and build connections across the community.

Tranquil 0509

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