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Our pay & benefits

We have a generous benefit package for all employees and we are committed to making QC a great place to work.

Our employees' work-life balance is important to them, therefore it is important to us.  To help build a positive work-life balance we have:

  • 40 days paid leave per year
  • agile working options (e.g. job share, homeworking, flexible hours)
  • additional leave support for those unplanned moments
  • enhanced family leave and pay for all (matching shared parental leave with maternity leave)

We invest in all our employees and recognise their hard work.  We have:

  • employer paid training, qualifications and professional memberships 
  • personalised learning and development plans
  • on-site learning facilities
  • shadowing and career development support
  • recognition framework 

03 Benefits

With a focus on your health, safety and wellbeing, we provide:

  • employee assistance programme (with 24/7 counselling support)
  • access to an employee paid health plan
  • cycle support (with up to 42% savings) and green initiatives 
  • enhanced sick pay benefit (6 months full pay plus 6 months half pay)

We want to help you plan for the future and have pension options suitable for your circumstances.  And for those unforeseen circumstances we have life assurance for all. 

  • affordable pension options for all - with up to 7.7% employer contributions
  • death in service life assurance (1x yearly salary)
  • access to salary deduction saving scheme

04 Glasgow Living Wage

The living wage is a term used to describe the minimum hourly wage necessary for housing, nutrition and basic needs (such as utilities, clothing, etc.).  This goes beyond the national minimum wage and is calculated independently. 

We review our salary structure annually and benchmark with other organisations to ensure we continue to pay our employees well.   Our salary structure can be viewed here.