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Our core competencies

Working at QC is not just about what we do but also how we do it.  Our core competencies underpin how we carry out our day-to-day job role.  We have 4 core competencies for all employee and an additional 3 for our leaders.  

Core competencies for all 


We all bring expertise in specialist areas. We talk to each other, listen, and find the best way forward. Crucially, we reach a decision and set targets for how to make it happen. We’re always working towards common goals.

We act with respect and tolerance so everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and playing their part. If something goes wrong, we act together to make it right.

We focus on our work, but we never forget that others might need our support. If they do, we help – even if it means our day doesn’t go exactly as we’d planned

Taking ownership

When we are asked to do something or see a problem that needs addressed, we take responsibility for making sure it happens. If we can help directly, we do. If we can’t, we find someone who can.

We know what we’re responsible for and do everything we can to make it happen. We don’t put things off, or pick and choose the tasks we like best. But we do ask for help if something is beyond our limits and use the skills of others whenever it’s appropriate.

We communicate clearly and lead by example.

Solution focussed

We take time and listen carefully to identify the real issue; what’s needed and what can we do to help. We consider all options, challenging previous decisions where necessary.

We draw on our experience and expertise to find answers. If we are unsure, we ask others for advice, canvas ideas and do everything we can to get a result. We try new ways of working and take calculated risks.

That said, we’re realistic. Compromise and collaboration is a necessary part of what we do. Where an ideal solution isn’t possible, we identify and act on the next best thing. We welcome feedback, apologise when we need to and learn from our mistakes.

Making a difference 

We take action that delivers sustainable benefits to the people we work with, the communities we serve and the wider environment.

Every customer’s situation is different. We get to know each one to make sure we help the best way we can. We listen to what they tell us, recognise their struggles, and act with understanding.

We learn as much as possible about our areas of expertise to make sure our advice is always relevant and informed. We get to know our colleagues well, so we can ask for the right support and provide the best possible solution.

We’re proactive and go beyond what’s expected – we persist where others would give up.

Competencies for our leaders

Leadership: Managers, supervisors and team leaders should provide inspirational leadership for their teams and the Association as a whole.

Decision making:  While decision making takes place at all levels of the Association, managers, supervisors and team leaders have a key role to play in supporting and encouraging effective decision making.

Business focus:  The Association should be run in an efficient manner, ensuring that it delivers value for money and excellent services.


Competency Framework Guide