A day in the Life

David Dick

ICT Manager

David Dick ICT ManagerThere’s not really such a thing as an average day for an IT manager.

 I look after a team  who are responsible for providing the ICT support to over 200 members of staff based in over 15 different locations.

I can be writing reports for Directors or Board Members, drawing up policies and procedures or crawling under desks to get to hidden network connections.

Having said that, there is a core of tasks that have to be done every day.

  • Coordinate, Organise, and Supervise Staff. This is basically what it sounds like: making sure people do their jobs, helping them out when they run into problems, and generally overseeing their work. This is one of the areas where management and business experience is just as important as technical experience.
  • Communicate with Top Management and Other Departments. Much of an IT manager’s time is spent in meetings, conferences, or another form of interdepartmental communication. This clarifies the needs and goals that the IT department should meet.
  • Analyse and Implement New Technology. One of my major responsibilities is to implement new technology. In order to understand if any changes will be beneficial, I need understand how that technology works, what it does, how it will affect systems already in use, and most importantly, whether it meets the needs of the company.
  • Upgrade, Maintain, and Analyse Current Technology. No matter how recently it was installed or how reliably it has been running, all technology needs a good, regular maintenance routine. To stay current against viruses and other security threats and to minimize any compatibility issues, installing recommended upgrades is also necessary.
  • Coordinate Technology Projects. Should any new software or other technology be needed, it’s my job to assign a team to develop it.
  • Maintain System Security. An integral part of any computer network is security. Keeping files and other sensitive information secure from hackers and free of viruses and spyware is vital.

With so many things to oversee, sometimes my day cannot simply end at five o’clock. Challenging, changing, and demanding are the key words for this job.