QCHA Equality and Diversity Strategy 2017-2020

Monday 11 December 2017

Over the past year we have been developing our Equality and Diversity Strategy 2017 2020. TheCommonwealth choir document is one of ten key strategies which have been developed or will be developed that will support our aims set out in our Business Plan for the next three years.

Our  Strategy sets out our commitment to fairness and equality in deliver our services and to ensuring that our communities are welcoming and inclusive places for people to live and work in.

In developing the strategy we felt it was important to consult in advance with a wide range of people and organisations to establish what our priorities are and what actions might deliver them before we began to develop a document. We have outlined all of the consultation that we have undertaken so far on page 17 of the attached draft of our strategy.

If you have any comments on the draft Equality and Diversity Strategy, or would like to discuss any aspect of Equality and Diversity we would really like to hear from you. You can give us your comments at or you can contact Des Phee Policy and Performance Officer on 0141 945 8581 for an informal chat.